The Pilates method is a very complete fitness system. This technique owes its name to its creator, Joseph Hubertus Pilates. The method works especially what is called "force center" or "mansion of power", constituted by the abs, the base of the back and the buttocks. Strengthening these parts of the body works the energy "from the inside out", allowing free movement of the rest of the anatomy. Pilates is much more than a method. It is a whole philosophy of training the body and mind. Your goal: to achieve precise control of the body in the most healthy and efficient way possible. In short, achieve a muscular balance, strengthening the weak muscles and lengthening the shortened muscles. This leads to increased control, strength and flexibility of the body, respecting the joints and back. In this way, the method allows the practitioner to achieve harmony of body and mind and to develop their movements with grace and balance
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It is a new and eye-catching training program Which is performed on top of a static bicycle. A bicycle is used Static but of another very different design, more sporty and aerodynamic. Accompanied with music, we will perform the same exercises that are performed On a street bike, we will climb mountains, we will And we will do some sprint, and all without Leave the room of your favorite gym.
  Thursdays and Friday afternoon

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Etymologically Yoga means union, since the goal of Yoga is the Union of consciousness with the Absolute principle. Works the physical body, The endocrine glands, the internal organs at the same time as it seeks to connect The unconscious mind with the conscious and allows us to observe our Mental patterns. Anti-stress therapy by nature.
  Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday morning

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Step classes come from an aerobic and cardiovascular exercise program. It involves repeated ascents and descents of a platform (some adjustable height to generate different levels of resistance), to the beat of the musica.Es a dynamic a
  Tuesday and Friday Afternoon

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Combining toning, cardio and dance work - all this Gathered in one of the best techniques to get in shape that They demand the maximum delivery and effort of the students without Renounce the ludic character of the classes.
  Monday and Thursday afternoon

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If you combine the best cardiovascular exercise with the Kungfu (in its branch choy-li fut) the result can be explosivo.Eso is Precisely what this class pursues. Explosiveness, cardiovascular, dance; All combined for a class of the most brilliant and novel.

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As well indicates its name consists of a localized work Of that muscle so problematic and that requires a special interest and effort.

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